Data Warehousing is the process of locating multiple data sources and combining them all in one database. This process enables businesses to look into their data with easy access to filtered information and production of reports. A data warehouse is crucial in any business, but here are a few examples of how they are useful in travel:

  • Single Customer View – Marketing teams usually have their data stored in multiple places – their email system, their CRM, website enquiries and competition data.  A data warehouse combines all the data together to provide an up-to-date single customer view.
  • Combining booking and customer data – Data warehouses enable management teams to combine data from the reservation system with marketing data to follow trends and forecast their customer actions
  • Segmentation and Reporting Tools – User-interfaces to segment into the data or report on the live data within the warehouse are available as bolt-ons to ensure all parts of the business are reaping the benefits of the data warehouse.

Data migration is the process of transferring data between storage types, formats, or computer systems and Traverse are the main supplier for data migration in travel – delivering the largest migration projects in the industry. It is a key consideration for any system implementation, upgrade, or consolidation. Using our core product, Travelsure Studio, we provide an automatic solution giving your business peace of mind.  Not only do we migrate the data – we analyse, convert and check that it is 100% accurate.

Data analysis is the process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information so you can make decisions.  It’s a big part of our job to understand your data before carrying out a big project such as a migration or a data warehouse.  This ensures quality throughout the whole project and also provides quality assurance during the testing phase of a project.



Our Competitor Analysis service enables businesses to monitor and analyse their competitors, providing key and important statistics that will shape your business. It is vital for any business to evaluate their competitors and our automatic solution carries out this process – quickly and efficiently. From price to content comparison, we are able to provide statistics and evaluate the data to provide you with key insights and analytics on your competitors.

Traverse can provide you with in-depth knowledge of your business by providing regular analytical reports. We manage your data and your information systems through our data warehouse; the outcome is that we are able to deliver unique, comprehensive business reports and overviews with qualitative and quantitative data. This intelligence is crucial for companies who can then rely on it for many important business decisions. We have a wealth of experience in the following resources:

  • QlikView
  • Power BI
  • SSRS



It is common within travel that workers regularly match documents, and it is a long and laborious task.  Our matching automation can save the time spent here and be applied to many examples within travel:


Our invoice matching service routinely examines, validates and compares invoices to ensure quality assurance.  Finance teams carry out this manual task on a regular basis – manually matching the purchase order or system to the bank statement.  Our automatic solution to complete this task is a time-saver but also reduces the risk of human error.


When booking with a travel retailer, the business often receives the supplier confirmation and this is a document they will need to match to their internal system.  Matching supplier confirmations or tickets to the internal system ensures consistency in the detail, including the most important bit – the price.  It is also possible to amend the documentation once it is matched and send out directly to the customer.  That is a whole workflow process automated!

Workflow automation enables companies to automate gruelling, day-to-day tasks that are carried out routinely and manually. From sending emails, to filling in web pages or copying and pasting, this solution is deployed for you to make complicated and time-consuming jobs simple. Here are some examples of tasks that can be automated in travel:

  • Data loading such as room codes or car park prices
  • Content loading
  • Retrieving quotes from suppliers
  • Customer enquiry management
  • Inbox management
  • And much more…

Regression Testing systematises the checking of software and eradicating bugs on websites and computer systems. Our automatic Regression Testing tool will quickly allow companies to find errors and test their systems in a seamless and time-saving way. This is crucial when:

  • Updating to newer versions of systems
  • Introducing a new system or website
  • Testing more than one system at once
  • Quality assurance testing


Our services tailored to travel: